At Four Architects we believe that architecture and urbanism should have a positive impact on society, people and our planet. Architecture is only successful if it improves the lives of the people using and engaging with it. We always consider our projects in a local, regional and global context, creating societal value beyond brief and client.

We believe that the working environment should be engaging and progressive. It should be an inspiring space with promotes and encourages creativity. We want our studio to be a comfortable environment where we challenge each other and experiment with new designs. At Four we are more than a company we are a family. You spend more active time with your colleagues than your loved ones during the week, so it is vital the studio is a comfortable environment where everyone has the freedom to express themselves.

At Four we aim to build a team of passionate, talented professionals who are pursuing a transformative vision: beautiful design shaped by a strong connection to place, the highest standards of sustainability, and a commitment to excellence enriched by the collaborative process. The desire is to have an open studio environment which is a healthy, productive, creative workplace where together we can meet the urgent challenge of crafting beautiful, sustainable architecture.

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