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Rufus and Luna

Our cheeky French Bulldogs who love meeting new people.¬†Like their owners, Neil and Lyndsey, our frenchies certainly aren’t shy!! They are currently banned from the office until they learn where the toilet is……..the puppies that is!!!


Snoop is our fluffy Cockapoo, keeping Matt busy with long walks along Blackpool beach. He is lovable and cheeky and we love it when he comes to the office for a snuggle.


….cuddle in welsh! Cwtch is our Colliepoo owned by Ash. Living up to his name, Cwtch loves cuddles and is full of energy so requires lots of muddy walks in the Welsh hills.


Our lovable Lab. When she’s not literally eating her mums homework, she’s playing with her pup toys and generally just being cute. Poppie has been keeping Dave company at home during lockdown and will be a frequent visitor to the office, after all, she’s the perfect social media model!!


Ralphy is our newest addition and we are soooo smitten. Ralphy is a little Cavapoo who has his owner Tom wrapped round his little finger. Ralphy has his own bedroom at home but is easily bribed with Babybels.



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